Gina Hendon Meaodws

I'm a school psychologist, parent educator, and mom of 2! When I became a new mom, I quickly agreed with everyone who had told me that parenting is the most difficult yet most rewarding job I would ever have. While I could have never imagined the magnitude of joy and unconditional love I have for my babies, there were also times that I felt overwhelmed and unprepared. Who knew that the most epic tantrum from the sweetest little two year old girl would be because I poured her syrup directly on her pancake instead of on the side for dipping? Or that my toddler would have an inconsolable melt down, lying on the hot cement screaming and crying for what felt like eternity because they weren’t allowed to poop in the swimming pool? After feeling lost and frustrated during some difficult times, I embarked on a journey to understand what worked best for my kids. I was introduced to Positive Discipline when my oldest was 2 years old, and continue to implement these ideas and strategies into our daily lives. I'm here to share practical and respectful parenting practices are easy to implement so that you can increase the peace in your home and strengthen your relationship with your children.