About Us

Our Philosophy

Ask any woman what she loves most about her friends and the answer will be unconditional support. Whether you’re looking for dating advice or diaper advice, you trust your friends’ opinions, so we figured we’d make an online community where you can share and seek advice about motherhood with the people you trust most.

Just like the proverbial village that helps to raise a child, everyone has to pitch in. This means that we’ve designed an intuitive site to help everyone better organize their findings and tidbits of advice for themselves and each other. It’s time to use the internet for good! Because even on those days you feel lonely and overwhelmed, we’ll be here.

BB Founders

Barbara Pucher

Barbara is a Toronto-to-New York transplant. She’s a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, avid traveler and networker. She loves supporting like-minded individuals to achieve their goals and bringing communities together to solve problems. She hopes to channel this energy to make bellybrief a supportive and inspirational community that will bring women together to help one another.

Noelle Fulford

Noelle is a tax accountant and professional actor and dancer. She’s a mother to Wyatt, her 18 month old son. While she loves her job as a Senior Manager at a Global Bank, her passion is now solely focused on her son and how to raise him. Wyatt is a rambunctious toddler and she loves using bellybrief to help her and friends find and organize their answers to the never ending questions of motherhood.

The Team

Nicky Deam
Head of Content

"Am I the only person who wants to hug any mom boarding a plane alone with a young kid?"

Shelly Rangsiyakul
Creative Director

"I had a tiger mom, but everything I've ever done that's valuable is something I was afraid to try and that she encouraged me to do."

Morgan Light

"No matter how old you get, sometimes, you still just need a hug from mom to make everything better."

Michael Suen

"It was a privilege to raise and see my two daughters grow and blossom to the amazing women they are today."

Francis Chung
Lead Developer

"When I was a kid, along with my mom and sis, we would make fresh dumplings together and have a competition to see who could wrap the most and best."

Lauren Manteuffel
Community Management

"This new phase of my life was all about discovering that although I am a mother, I’m still me…"

Dianna Malkamaki
Social Media

"The qualities I want my girls to grow up with have to be modeled in myself."