bb Stories

bb stories feature interviews with inspiring women in the bellybrief community. These real conversations offer insightful advice for encouraging balance and success in all areas of a mother’s life.

Milli Fox

Founder, Junior Foxes Ring Slings


Sara Gaviria

Author of The Happy Stay-At-Home Mom

Why being a full time mother should be a source of pride and power.

Ariane Goldman

Founder, Hatch

Why delegating is a key skill for mom entrepreneurs

Alyssa Kerbel

Founder & Owner of Mini Mioche

Shares why she launched an ethically made children’s clothing line.

Elle Sikorski

Founder, Ellevate Health

Why holistic nutrition extends far beyond the kitchen

Chrissy Orton


Why traveling the world with a toddler is more rewarding than it is inconvenient.