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bb Stories

bb stories feature interviews with inspiring women in the bellybrief community. These real conversations offer insightful advice for encouraging balance and success in all areas of a mother’s life.

Molly Pross

Founder, Bump Bestie

Why having a professional help you navigate the dizzying world of baby gear is a valuable investment.

Jessica Hill

Founder, The Parent Collective

Why seeking a support network before birth will stand you in great stead.

Rhiannon Langford

Doula, Maternal Support Practitioner & Fertility Coach

Why educating yourself is the best preparation for parenthood

Anna Kroesser & Amelia Strat

Homepolish Senior Interior Designers

Why having a beautiful functional home is not mutually exclusive, even when there are children involved.

Michele Levy

CEO of Melissa Shoes USA

Why drive and ambition are a great source of fulfillment.

Sarah Deitcher and Kate Gertner

Co-founders of Play with Pieces

Why playtime is so important and how to make a safe and beautiful space for play in your home.