BB Stories

bb stories feature interviews with inspiring women in the bellybrief community. These real conversations offer insightful advice for encouraging balance and success in all areas of a mother’s life.

Milli Fox

Founder, Junior Foxes Ring Slings


Sara Gaviria

Author of The Happy Stay-At-Home Mom

Why being a full time mother should be a source of pride and power.

Ariane Goldman

Founder, Hatch

Why delegating is a key skill for mom entrepreneurs

Alyssa Kerbel

Founder & Owner of Mini Mioche

Shares why she launched an ethically made children’s clothing line.

Elle Sikorski

Founder, Ellevate Health

Why holistic nutrition extends far beyond the kitchen

Chrissy Orton


Why traveling the world with a toddler is more rewarding than it is inconvenient.

Molly Pross

Founder, Bump Bestie

Why having a professional help you navigate the dizzying world of baby gear is a valuable investment.

Jessica Hill

Founder, The Parent Collective

Why seeking a support network before birth will stand you in great stead.

Rhiannon Langford

Doula, Maternal Support Practitioner & Fertility Coach

Why educating yourself is the best preparation for parenthood

Anna Kroesser & Amelia Strat

Homepolish Senior Interior Designers

Why having a beautiful functional home is not mutually exclusive, even when there are children involved.

Michele Levy

CEO of Melissa Shoes USA

Why drive and ambition are a great source of fulfillment.

Sarah Deitcher and Kate Gertner

Co-founders of Play with Pieces

Why playtime is so important and how to make a safe and beautiful space for play in your home.

Laura Sanhueza-Miller

Iron Mom and Former National Team Pro-rower

Why continuing to set and achieve your own goals is just as important when you're a mom.

Tennielle Suckow

Why new moms need to overcome the guilt they feel with leaving to work out.

Aimee Ostrander

Founder of barre3 and Barre Instructor

Why the definitions of working out should be relative, and the transformative power of a support network.

Aleks Malkin

Why healthy food habits are best taught young.

Susan Yara

Little. Yellow. Different. Founder of MixedMakeup and FAM: For All Moms on YouTube. Host, producer, writer, mother.

Why a good skincare routine can keep you sane, and how to navigate the shared responsibilities of parenthood with a partner.

The Rebel Mama

Founders of The Rebel Mama (.com) and Co-authors of The Rebel Mama's Handbook for (Cool) Moms

Why being your definition of a great mother is the only one that matters.

Lisa Marinelli


Why your travel bug shouldn't be squashed when you have a baby.

Dianna Malkamäki

Chartered Accountant

Why we need more resources to help multiracial children celebrate their identities.