bellybrief basics

We’re here to help make motherhood easier so if you have any questions that aren’t answered below, contact us at!

bellybrief beta

This is a beta version so the bun is still in the oven. Here’s what that means:

  • We’re growing—with your help—which means you might not always find what you’re looking for. All the more reason for you to upload content that speaks to you or email us with your ideas!
  • Like the brain of an infant, the platform is getting smart, fast. The site aggregates crowdsourced curated content, so the more you search the smarter it becomes. If you  ever get search results that seem like gibberish, please email us.
  • Be prepared to find things which don’t work perfectly. We love constructive criticism and are inviting you to join us early because we value your insights. Let us know at
  • Invite your friends by emailing us or directing them to to sign up for the waitlist. We’ll make sure they’re taken care of!
  • Here’s a recap of the Beta Tester checklist in case you need to reference it.

Getting Started

How do I reset my password?

1) Go to profile on top right corner

2) Tap Settings

3) Follow the prompts.

How do I edit my profile?

1) Go to profile on top right corner

2) Tap Settings

How do I deactivate or close my account?

1) Go to profile on top right corner

2) Tap Settings

3) Scroll to the bottom and tap “delete account”.

What is your privacy policy?
Briefs & Collections

Tagging and categorizing content is the heart and soul of bellybrief. If briefs are songs, collections are playlists. Reference our step-by-step guide to building them here.

How do I upload from my phone?

It works exactly the same way as it does on desktop. You can save JPG., PNG, GIF image files, youtube, vimeo and ted videos.

What are promoted collections?

The bellybrief team taps businesses that share the same values as our community to collaborate on interesting and informative collections to help solve problems faced by our community.

How do I make a collection private?

Simply check the “private” box to prevent your collection from being viewed by other users.

How do I share a brief or collection to other social platforms?

Simply utilize the social icons to share on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. To share to your blog, hyperlink to your collection or brief page.

People & Sharing

Content rights management

We’re all about celebrating our community so we may reach out to you to ask if we can re-post a pic or share your content. If you’re down, just respond to our original request with #ShareMyBrief and whenever possible, we’ll include your handle in our post. You’ll continue to own all content and information you post or share.

When you respond with #ShareMyBrief, you’re giving us a license to reproduce, display and distribute your content on our channels (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). We may remove your content from our channels for any reason at any time.

Our license to your content is:

  1. Non-exclusive: You may use your content for your own purposes, or let others use your content.
  2. Fully-paid and royalty free: We don’t owe you anything else in connection with our use of your content.
  3. Perpetual: Our license lasts for an indefinite period of time.

You promise that:

  1. You own all rights to your content or have the right to give us the rights.
  2. Your content doesn’t infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or other legal rights of any third party, and you have paid and will pay in full any fees or other payments that may be related to the use of your content.
Do you have community guidelines?

We’re fostering a supportive, helpful environment for moms to help each other so no haters please. Here are our community guidelines. We’re policing the streets but let us know if something makes you uncomfortable by emailing us.

Getting Involved

How do I become a founding contributor?

We’re looking for talented content curators who are interested in curating collections for bellybrief across the categories of health, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home decor, food, travel, and more. Our founding contributors inspire readers on the daily, get promoted through our channels and events and enjoy tons of perks! Email us at if you want in!

Who are the verifed bellybrief contributors and how do I become one?

Verified contributors are the members of our content tribe who do a stellar job at categorizing and tagging their content and contribute meaningful conversations to the community. Email us at to learn more!

Press, Partnerships & Collaborations

Interested in talking brass tacks? Email us with inquiries and more information at