Daylight Savings: Sleep Tips to SPRING FORWARD!

On Sunday March 10, we will be moving the clocks forward one hour. This can be exhausting for our littles! On average, most kids + adults will lose 40 minutes of sleep night one.

A few sleep tips to help manage:

1. Starting tomorrow [Wednesday], you can adjust your baby’s clock for naps + sleep by 15 minutes per day. By Sunday, your child will be fully adjusted to the new time. This means waking + putting baby down 15 minutes earlier per day.

2. Do nothing, roll with the time change and expect a little bit on wonky sleep.

* Remember to spend the next few nights this week getting a full, good night’s rest. This will be especially important leading into next week.

* After Sunday, take your little one out for a walk first thing in the morning to expose him/her to the morning sun. This will help promote sleep!

Good news is, spring is finally upon us!!

Stage: Infant Toddler
Category: Parenting
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