Everyday Carry: First outing with babe

Juddlies Sleeper 

Number one rule for any outing with your baby, never leave home without an extra outfit (for you too). There have been so many times I needed to use the spare outfit I can’t even count, so do not forget this one! I love these Juddlies sleepers because the material is super soft and it has two zippers (one for top half and another for the bottom half) so you don’t have to practically take off the entire sleeper just to change your little one.


Milk Snob Nursing Cover 

Especially in the beginning, those babies are feeding non-stop and if your breastfeeding and shy like me, you need a nice cover to use in public. I love this brand because it’s so versatile and can be used for other things on your outing such as covering your car-seat or even using as a swaddle. It also comes in many different patterns and colors so you can be fashionable while nursing.


Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station 

The Skip Hop changing station is a best-seller because it’s compact and easy to use when on-the-go. I take this with me everywhere because you may not have a changing station available while out in public and can use this anywhere. It also has some very cute patterns so you can look stylish while wiping your babe’s bum.


JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier 

There are a million different baby wraps on the market so it can be hard to choose the right one. I personally love this wrap because it’s so easy to put on and very comfortable for your babe. This wrap also takes up zero space so it’s very easy to throw in your diaper bag. I loved this carrier for when my little man needed a nap but wanted the comfort of mama.


Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths  

Another mom bought me a pack of these before I had my baby and I’m so grateful she did. I absolutely love these and never leave home without them. They smell great and perfect for babies with sensitive skin. I use them to wipe tabletops, toys, hands, mouth, you name it and I’ll wipe it! Newborn babies are also still very susceptible to illness, so these are necessary for keeping the germs away.


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