Everyday Carry: Vacationing with babe

MonoBeach Portable Baby Beach Tent Pop up Sun Shelter 

What’s a vacation without a beach? It’s not like the old days though, where your beach towel and a bottle of sunblock 15 was all you needed. If there’s no chair or umbrella for baby there’s a problem- but have no fear! This portable beach tent is easy to transport and easy to set up. Your little one will love playing in it and he/she will stay safe out of the sun.


Phil & Teds- Lobster Chair 

If you dine out or travel a lot, personally I like my little one to use a high chair that 1000 other babies haven’t used.  This highchair is portable, compact and very supportive for baby to eat and play in. I highly recommend this baby chair, even though it may be a little heavy to bring with you for long haul flights, its perfect for a weekend trip somewhere close by.


HoMedics- Portable Mini Sound Spa Sleep Solutions 

I’m not sure about you, but my baby can only sleep with a white noise machine. It also allows me and my husband to make some noise when he goes to bed! So on vacation, I know my baby will only sleep with the sound machine—but why bring that big heavy one? This one is small, takes batteries and is easy to use. Your welcome!


Life Factory Baby Teethers 

It’s that time when my little one is starting to get teeth (ugh). All he wants to do is drool all over me and chew on anything and everything. I really like these teethers because he loves them and they’re super easy to pack in your travel bag.


Everyone – Natural Hand Sanitizer Spray (Coconut Lemon) 

All I think about when I’m on a plane is GERMS! I’m not a germaphobe but we all know planes can get us sick very easily. That’s why I carry this natural hand sanitizer, because not only is it safe from harsh chemicals, it smells great and it works.


Le Specs- Half Moon Magic Sunglasses 

After buying all of this baby gear for your upcoming trip, most moms are broke AF and can’t buy vacation goodies for themselves. However, you still should treat yourself a little bit—because you deserve it! If you want something stylish but don’t want to break the bank, I recommend these trendy sunglasses by Le Specs.

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