Flipping the Infertility Script: How I Turned 3 Negative Thoughts into Positive Ones on My Fertility Journey

Just as the range of emotions runs wide and deep as you go through the different stages of infertility, so do your thoughts. I often tell myself during this whole thing that “it’s mind over matter”, but that’s only helpful in overcoming the negative feelings swirling through you if your thoughts are positive and productive. But just as frustration, anger, and jealousy make their way through the emotional cycle, so to do pessimism, apathy, and irrationalization make their way through the mental cycle.

Several months into this journey, I realized that in order to get through this, I’d have to flip the script and turn those negative thoughts into positive ones. I’d have to resist succumbing to the glass half empty mentality and instead embrace the glass half-full mentality.

Yes, some days are easier than others, but it’s very much a journey, not a destination.

You’ll discover a few ways I flipped the script and improved my mental health, saved my marriage, and lowered my blood pressure.

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