How To Balance Breastfeeding With Going Back To Work | Front Roe by Louise Roe

I’ve been thinking about this notion for a while – my generation of women is redefining what ‘back to work’ means after having a baby. Many women (myself included) didn’t get the official ‘maternity leave’ because they’re self-employed or have a different kind of career situation. A lot of my girlfriends are in the same boat, and it can be both liberating and scary, to have no particular framework or plan in place, both financially, emotionally and physically! 

Whether you’re self-employed or work in a traditional business environment, these guilty feelings are common for many mothers returning to the workplace after their babies are born. I’ve never wrestled with such mixed feelings before: those of excitement and inspiration that I felt like my old self again, full of adrenaline on set, and then the feelings of self-doubt and worry that perhaps I was doing the wrong thing. So today, I’m talking about this in the hopes that other mums out there can relate, and to share how I’m making the transition easiest for Honor, Mackenzie and myself.

Stage: Postpartum
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