How To Wear Non-Maternity Maternity Style | Front Roe by Louise Roe

Over the last few weeks, shopping has been a dilemma. I want things I can wear now and through the end of my pregnancy, but also as investment pieces that will last me (and fit me!) after the baby. The biggest and most uncomfortable part of your pregnancy lasts just a few months, so it seems counterintuitive to buy a whole new wardrobe for such a short amount of time (though I’m sure it doesn’t feel quick once you’re in it – stay tuned!). I’ve found a few maternity pieces that I love (blog post coming on this soon!), but for the most part I’m finding it tricky to find trend-driven, comfortable things that fit my style. And while there are some maternity items that are essentials you’d be hard pressed to cheat your way around for 9 months with items you already own – I’m talking about jeans, button down shirts, and pretty much anything that buttons or zips up without much stretch. But – once you start looking, you realize that there is a surprising amount to be found in non-maternity clothing that works well for pregnant women without having to compromise your own style.



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