Sleep Training Questions: Natalie Willes Answers Everything!

I get a ton of questions about sleep training! That’s why I brought in my sleep trainer, Natalie Willes–also known as The Baby Sleep Trainer, to answer a few of them in a video. This is a long one, so I put time codes below if you want to skip to the questions that relate to you. 


5:46 “What if the baby knows how to put himself to sleep with a pacifier?”

8:19 “What age is appropriate to sleep train?”

9:25 “If the child the rolling over, can you sleep train them?”

11:28 “For rapid extinction sleep training, what should the parent do if the baby cries in the morning or in the middle of the night?”

14:54 “What do you do if the baby is sleep trained but going through a sleep regression?”

18:20 “How do you sleep train an exclusively breast fed baby?”

22:03 “If the baby finishes their entire bottle during the dream feed, does that mean the baby needs it?”

24:22 “Are you able to sleep train while co-sleeping?”

27:42 “Can you sleep train when the parents and baby share a bedroom?”

30:12 “Are you able to sleep train a baby with reflux?”

32:00 “Is it possible for a sleep trained baby to stay on the same schedule?”

33:16 “Is it too late to sleep train a baby at 14 months?”

34:15 “How do you transition from a crib to a bed? What is the appropriate age?”

36:52 “How do you travel with a sleep trained baby?”

38:48 “What can you do for a baby that will only nap in the crib?”

39:57 “Is it bad for a parent to nurse the baby to sleep? Won’t the baby develop a sleep pattern eventually?”

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