Tips for Traveling Alone with a Toddler – Bash & Co.

Back in my consulting days, I lived on a plane. Literally, I LIVED on airplanes, flying the first flight out on Monday and the last flight out on Thursday every week for 10 years (minus the occasional “local” client which was a nice break from plane food but definitely took a toll on my mileage and status accrual). I was Diamond / Platinum / Secret Ambassador Status (yes, that exists; yes, I had it; no, it wasn’t as cool as it sounds). So when it came to my first trip alone with Bash, why was I in such a panic? We had traveled several times with Bash over the past 2 years, but this would be the first time I would travel alone with an unpredictable toddler for basically a full day’s worth of travel.

Here is what I did to survive traveling alone with a toddler…

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