10 Tips for Surrounding Yourself with Successful and Positive People

This pic is a flashback to last January when I heard my amazing friend and founder of Unplug Meditation, Suzie Schwartz share her story and take us through a mediation. The woman on the left is Alexis Fischer, founder of Wishbeads. As a working mom who has responsibilities both at home and leading a company, it is so critical for me to plan out times when I can surround myself with women who take on the same challenges with insight, grace and humor (that’s probably the most important one!). It’s not always easy to fine the time, so sometimes I need to stop and schedule it into my month and prioritize it like anything else. I know I know….easier said than done! But it brings so much joy into every other area of my life. Plus, there is nothing better than problem solving with other mom bosses – whether its figuring out the best way to approach ordering inventory or what to cook this weekend!

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